Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Wasteland - how it's done ?

Some time ago I was asked how I do the alterations. Here are pics of subsequent stages of creating a full altered Wasteland.

Let's start.

First the bottom - quick background with flat natural bristle paintbrush.

Adding basic shadows.

Creating the shape with midtones. Difficult part is looking for the similar tones that on the original painting.

Adding lighter parts - with flat and soft natural bristle paintbrush and then blending it with bigger round paintbrush.

Still looking for the proper tones and making experiments with the right side of the card.

Using very thin paintbrush to make details.

Creating the sculpture of the ground. Working on details.

Introducing improvements until I'm satisfied. May take a while :)

Making fast black layer of mountains with big paintbrush, then creating detailed peaks with thin one. To get some inspiration for that part I watched some random web pictures of the sunset in mountains and on the desert to check how to make it look naturally.

Big mountain's coming.

Finishing the mountain, adding sunset spots.

Painting around the title (with very thin paintbrush).

Painting the sky: first quick background, then red paint. Red paint of Golden Acrylics has poor opacity, so the layer needs to be thick and painted pretty fast to avoid drying before the final result.

Working on the sky.

As the purple color of the background looked nice, I decided to add it to the final look of the sky.

Blending the title into the background.

Last element - the tree. Starting with basics and following with details. 

Final touch - adding the orange sunset light on the tree (I applied too much of it so I needed to remove a bit of it with a toothpick) and purple shadows on the ground to recreate the tonation of the sky in other part of painting.

The final result.

Sunday, May 19, 2013